Strategy Structure


A leading, driving force and inspiration in the automotive industry in the context of Resistance Economics


  1-Serving people and their satisfaction through the production of products and public services and restoring national trust in the automotive industry

2- Creation, operation, institutionalization and maintenance of corporate standards for systems, products and services

3-  Benefit from the elite and expert manpower to ensure business growth and the development of consumer products

4- Planning and implementation of efficient programs in order to profit at least twice the inflation rate   Business

5-business & labor development by achieving annual market growth of 20% , self-sufficiency and maximum localization of production within the framework of resistance economy.

Organizational values

  • Innovation

Development of new businesses
Advanced technology

  • responsibility

the environment
Systems and standards
Stakeholder management

  • Profitability


  • Localization and self-sufficiency

Maximum localization
development of know-how & skills
Supporting Knowledge Based Enterprises

  • Market development

International competition
Global market penetration
market share development